Tribe marketing

Tribe Marketing – There is Power in Community

Advertising cooperatives have been employed by smart marketeres for most many years. The concept is each member contributes a little bit to increase the buying power of the whole community. Tribe marketing is the web version.

There are 2 major benefits we will rap about, but there are lots of benefits overall including but most certainly not limited to these.

* Instant Backlinks from Authority Sites

* Instant Facebook Likes and Shares

* Instant Retweets to Thousand

* Blog Commenting Collusion

* Higher Web Page Ranking on Search Engines

* More Targetted, Peer-Referred Traffic

* More Leads, Sales and Connections

Internet-Based Tribe Marketing Outlined

The aim of almost every online marketer, affiliate marketer, network marketer and pro blogger is to increase exposure of their published content to create more traffic, leads and sales.

Traditionally this has done by actively promoting the content through forums, social bookmarking, tweeting, sharing on Facebook and employing a a variety of tools to extend the number of back-links to extend the probabilities of getting the content to rank higher in the search engine search results page.

Today, thanks in large part to up to date technical advances online, you now have the ability to embrace tribe marketing and literally team up with dozens, hundreds, even thousands of other internet marketers to help decrease advertising costs and dramatically increase your exposure online thru social media syndication.

Welcome to the glorious world of tribe marketing!

Think Automated Cooperative Marketing

The power is in an automated advertising, promotion, and social media syndication process. You set up your marketing distribution methods and car syndicate members in the coop. In turn, they syndicate your content as you publish it.

Think quid pro quo.

Tribe marketing is really a 21st century cooperative marketing idea who time’s come.

We’ll take a closer look how this works.

Backlinks are what cause web page, blog posts and videos to rank on the front of page of the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Tribe marketing is set up to automatically distributor your content to each tribe member’s social media sites. This causes a large in-flow of backlinks from all over the world which is very potent.

Product advertisement and even implied endorsements lend a hint of social proof that will go a long way towards making a sale.

When tribe marketing members shared you content on their social media sites – it is like getting an implied endorsement which can result in instant traffic, leads and sales.

Every member of your team is a marketer seeking to increase profits. Maybe a new joint venture or affiliate marketing arrangement is in order. Think relationships. Think cooperation.

Tribe Marketing Set Up Process

There are two ways to take advantage of “tribe marketing” for marketers today.

So you actually have just two choices. You can go make your own network using wordpress multi-user installs, buddypress sites, article directory websites and social book marketing systems – making sure to install each domain on a different C-Class IP for vital IP diversification.

Then invite folk to take part.

Or if you don’t want the headache and hassle of administering your own tribe marketing system, you may want to check out

Tribepro offers a free trial account and it’s easy to get started with little, if any broke costs. Later , if you like what you see, you can upgrade to one of 2 auto syndication options dependent on how much marketing you need to do and put the entire campaign on autopilot.

It’s powerful once set up and established.

If you want ALL the secrets and the NEWEST stuff for internet marketing, you should click on the link below and discover how EASY it is.

Sincerely Kristian Villumsen – Stay tuned and be a millionaire!

This is Tribe marketing.

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